"Agrobank" purchased vacuum banknote packers HENKOVAC T5

In September of this year, one of the largest banks in the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of the number of branches, "Agrobank", purchased HENKOVAC T5 3-pack vacuum money packers.
"Agrobank" purchased vacuum banknote packers HENKOVAC T5
The bank is committed to increasing productivity in cash processing. This model of a 3-pack vacuum sealer made it possible to speed up the process of packing banknotes by 50%. Thus, the goal of reducing the time for cash processing was achieved. In general, "Agrobank" is developing the country's IT infrastructure, making significant steps in the industry, implementing its IT projects at a professional level.

HENKOVAC T5 is the only vacuum packer in Uzbekistan for simultaneous packing of 3 bags of 1000 banknotes each. The model belongs to the high-performance class of packers (heavy-duty). When sealing plastic bags, the bank details are applied to the seam with a clear imprint for easy reading. The manufacturer is the European plant "Henkovac International" (Netherlands). The manufacturing company has specialized exclusively in vacuum equipment for over 40 years.
Вакуумный упаковщик DORS 420 и DORS 410 в Узбекистане
Vacuum packer Henkovac T5
About the bank: Joint-stock commercial bank "Agrobank" was founded on January 1, 1988. It is one of the largest banks in the country with an extensive network of branches throughout the Republic, which includes 171 branches with 304 bank tellers. In December 2023, at the Visa Awards 2023 ceremony, Agrobank was awarded in the categories "Issuer of the largest number of prepaid cards" and "Bank that has implemented the Visa Risk Manager service." In May 2022, he was one of the first in Uzbekistan to introduce Smart Office, which works 24/7 without the participation of employees.