"Orient Finance" Bank purchased DORS 1250 currency detectors

PJSCB "Orient Finance" purchased universal viewing type currency detectors DORS 1250. DORS 1250 is a popular solution for quick visual inspection of questionable banknotes simultaneously in the infrared and ultraviolet spectra.
Детектор валют DORS 1250 в Ташкенте, Узбекистане
Currency detector DORS 1250
About the bank: "Orient Finance" PJSCB was founded in 2010. It includes 17 branches. In 2021, for the second year in a row, it won the "Asiamoney Best Bank Awards" from the financial magazine AsiaMoney in the category "Best Bank in the Field of Corporate and Social Responsibility." In the same year, Standard & Poors upgraded the bank's rating from "B" to "B+" with a "Stable" outlook.