DORS 820, Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF) at "Trastbank"

In July, "Trastbank" PJSC purchased two-pocket banknote counters-sorters Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF) and DORS 820. The preliminary stage of successful testing of these models lasted eight months. Previously, employees of bank reception desks used BILLCON N-120A banknote counters.
Счетчики банкнот DORS 820 и Magner 175F в Ташкенте, Узбекистане
Bill counter DORS 820 and Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF)
About the bank: "Trastbank" PJSB was founded in Tashkent in 1994. Has over 110 banking service centers. In 2022, the bank was assigned a rating of "B+" for the first time with a "Stable" outlook. In 2021, it was recognized as the leader in capitalization among banks of Uzbekistan according to the Republican Stock Exchange.