HENKOVAC: high performance vacuum packing machines from the Netherlands

Welcome powerful packing machines from the HENKOVAC Company in Uzbekistan. Three-pack model HENKOVAC T5 and one-pack model HENKOVAC T3.
Obvious advantages of the models:

  • The most capacious vacuum money packing machine in the country is HENKOVAC Т5. Other models are two- or one-pack, and this one is 3-pack!

  • The quietest among analogs. This has already been noted by cashiers in banks in Tashkent.

  • The presence of the "trenn" cut-off spiral is a unique component of the HENKOVAC brand. "Trenn" is a braided cable with a section of 1.1 mm, it provides 10X longer service life in comparison with analogues. Other brands of vacuum packing machines have solid wires that last 4-5 months.

  • Equipped with German pumps with capacity of 8, 16 and 21 m³/h.

  • Suitable cliches of money packers of other brands (MULTIVAC, VAMA, Henkelman, DORS, Cassida).

  • The manufacturer is Henkovac International from the Netherlands, which has specialized exclusively in packing machines for about 40 years.
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