Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165) at "KDB Bank Uzbekistan"

In March 2021, "KDB Bank Uzbekistan" Joint Stock Company began operating Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165) two-pocket banknote counter-sorters. Devices were purchased for the branches' reception desks.
Cортировщик банкнот Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165)​ в Ташкенте, Узбекистане
Cчетчик-сортировщик банкнот Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165)
About the bank: "KDB Bank Uzbekistan" JSC is a subsidiary of KDB Bank, Korea (Korean Development Bank), in Uzbekistan. In 2014, it was chosen as the winner of the "Most Innovative Bank" award among commercial banks in Uzbekistan. In 2016, it became the winner in the category "Best Bank to Support Foreign Investors" in Uzbekistan. There are currently 3 branches in the Republic.