Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165) is the choice of "InfinBANK"

In April 2021, JSCB "InfinBANK" put into operation two-pocket counting and sorting machines of the Hitachi iH-110 series (Magner 165) with and without dilapidation for counting, checking and sorting banknotes at branch cash desks. The equipment was purchased in all branches of the bank based on successful preliminary testing.
Cортировщик банкнот Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165)​ в Ташкенте, Узбекистане
Two-pocket banknote counter Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165)
About the bank: It was founded on October 26, 2007. Currently it includes 34 branches. In December 2017, Moody's upgraded the long-term deposit rating of "InfinBANK" from B3 to B2. In December 2018, he won the "Bank of the Year in Uzbekistan" nomination, organized by The Banker magazine.