Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165) is a premium bill counter and sorter in Uzbekistan

Hitachi has unveiled its latest development that draws on its vast experience in high technology. Meet the Hitachi iH-110 and the Hitachi iH-110F.

The difference between the models is that the iH-110F can sort by fitness.

The equipment is fully adapted to work with Uzbek sum. One by one about all the "wow" possibilities:

Highest speed

The counting speed with authenticity verification is 1300 banknotes per minute. Speed with reconciliation of serial numbers is 1000 banknotes per minute.

Stable mechanics

The additional conveyor belt provides additional stability in feeding banknotes without failures and jams. Thanks to this belt, the equipment is able to provide the highest speed in the class in the mode of banknotes verification for authenticity.
8 currencies for free
Standard equipment includes: Uzbek sum, US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, Russian ruble, Kazakh tenge. Expansion to 18 currencies is possible (simultaneously).

Auto currency switch

The device itself switches the currency according to the first counted banknote. It means that there is no need to manually select the currency. The machine removes part of the load from a user, thereby speeding up a cashier's work.
Expert money verification
In total, the Hitachi iH-110 series verifies the authenticity of each bill by 8 detections. At the same time, the verification is carried out on both sides at the same time - a Double FULL Color CIS-scanner (made in Japan) has been introduced.

List of detection features:
  • Visible spectrum (2 sides)
  • Image in the IR spectrum (from 2 sides)
  • Magnetic sensors
  • UV luminescence
  • Optical density
  • Size according to the length and width of a banknote
  • Integrity
  • Duality.
      Certified by the European Central Bank
      According to the results of successful testing in the European Central Bank (ECB), the Hitachi iH-110 series is included in the list of equipment recommended for use in banking institutions, bank branches, and companies with high cash turnover. The list is presented on the ECB website.
      Dust accumulator
      Stable mechanics
      Remote SW update
      Fitness sorting
      The Hitachi iH-110F model detects banknotes with dirt, holes, missing corners, inscriptions and adhesive tape for transferring old money to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for destruction. This sorting is available for sums, US dollars, euros, rubles.
      Intelligent recognition of "defaults"
      In addition to authenticity verification, the new model detects non-payment of sums, US dollars, euros, rubles, that is, bills with different serial numbers. And all this without false rejections related to graffiti, inscriptions, seals and stamps on serial numbers. The speed is 1000 banknotes per minute. Optional up to 18 currencies. Now cashiers have to do it manually. This feature increases the productivity of bank operators at times!
      Capacious hopper
      The capacity of the hopper is 800 banknotes. It's 30% more than previous HITACHI models.
      A few more features for a complete HITACHI experience:
      • Low noise level
        The sorter is quieter than its alternative machines.
      • Customizing the menu for a cashier
        Customizing hotkeys and desktop appearance literally for each user.
      • Dust and small-size garbage accumulator
        A special tray for cleaning paper, dust, and other garbage to clean less often. Less dust gets into breathing passages.
      • Multi-currency deposit
        Simultaneous translation of several currencies. The screen displays the total amount for each currency.
      • Touch display is in Russian
        The new machine is equipped with a touch-display. The menu is in Russian.
      • Remote SW update
        Prompt software updates in all branches throughout the country.
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