Hitachi iH-210 (Magner 250) is a new three-pocket banknote sorter in Uzbekistan

We announce the start of sales of this year's specialty - a multi-pocket banknote counter and sorter from the South Korean manufacturer the Hitachi iH-210.

Key advantage

Thanks to the "fir-tree" sorting system and the multi-user control panel, the machine can be used by two operators at once. This feature helps to optimize both positions and the cost of purchasing equipment for each employee. As a result, the Hitachi iH 210 replaces two two-pocket sorters when the machine is installed between two cashiers. Two external displays for bank clients are connected to the machine at once.
The dimensions of the new 3-pocket sorter are similar to those of the 2-pocket models:

What functions does the Hitachi iH-210 have?

  • Mixed denominations counting (mix)
  • Sort by denomination
  • Sort by orientation
  • Sorted by currency
  • Sort by fitness
  • Comprehensive authentication of currencies popular in Uzbekistan
  • Multi-currency counting
  • Serial numbers scanning, comparing and exporting
Video presentation and detailed description of the model is here.

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