"Kapitalbank" chose Hitachi iH-110F (Magner 165F) and Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F)

In November of this year, Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Kapitalbank" purchased two-pocket banknote counters and sorters Hitachi iH-110F (Magner 165F) and Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F).

What were the bank's requirements when choosing?

The primary parameters that "Kapitalbank" employees were guided by when choosing models for receiving and recounting cash desks to speed up work with cash:

  • Correct sorting of national currency according to dilapidation parameters (separation of banknotes with tape, dirt, stains, inscriptions, holes, missing corners from banknotes that have no physical damage)
  • A powerful mechanism that is not afraid of heavy loads. "Kapitalbank" has one of the largest turnovers of paper cash among the banks of the Republic, since the largest businesses in the country trust their working capital to the bank (car dealerships, construction companies, wholesale companies, other organizations)
  • Detection of counterfeits of all types of different currencies (US dollar, euro, Uzbek sum, Russian ruble, Swiss franc, English pound, Japanese yen, Kazakh tenge, Chinese yuan).
Hitachi iH-110F (Magner 165F) купить в Ташкенте
Hitachi iH-110F (Magner 165F) and Hitachi ST-150NF (Magner 175F)
About the bank: Joint-stock commercial bank "Kapitalbank" was founded in April 2001, becoming one of the first private banks in the country. Includes 16 branches. In 2022, it entered the top 10 of the Forbes rating of the most reliable banks in Uzbekistan. Based on the results of the third quarter of 2022, Kapitalbank retained first place among 17 large banks in the rating of bank activity from the second quarter of 2020 according to the updated version of the Bank Activity Index presented by the Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CERR).