Magner 130 - single-pocket premium banknote counter now in Uzbekistan

The new premium model Magner 130 completes the product line of cash counting machines for the retail industry. The model was developed by the American design bureau Magner International Corporation (USA) in 2023. It has several levels of authenticity control and is configured to work with the most popular currencies in the country.
"We are confident in the popularity of Magner 130 in the Uzbek market, since the bill counter, unlike similar models, detects counterfeits of US dollars, Uzbek soums and euros. In comparison with "economy" class devices, it counts mixed denominations together and displays the total amount on the display, and not just the quantity. These are the most important functions for businesses with small and medium cash turnover to speed up cash processing." - commented marketing manager Gulnur Ismailova.
Watch a short video and learn more about the device by following the link.