Magner 2000 - a new model of banknote counter-sorter in Uzbekistan

The new model of the two-pocket banknote counter-sorter from the American company "Magner International Corporation" Magner 2000 series is fully adapted for use on the market of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • Counts and verifies the authenticity of Uzbek sum banknotes
  • Scans and compares serial numbers of Uzbek sum bills
  • Works with all popular currencies in the local banks
  • The user menu has been translated into Uzbek Latin and Cyrillic alphabet
The model of this series includes two modifications that look exactly the same way:
  • Magner 2000 V
  • Magner 2000 F (everything is the same as in the V model, only there is also a "Top" function)

It is worth noting that the Magner 2000 series is a "restyling" model, replacing the popular two-pocket counter-sorter Magner 175F, which is no longer produced. Magner 2000 is different in that:

  • Runs quieter
  • Counts and sorts faster
  • Saves serial numbers in internal memory
  • Has a more convenient user menu
  • Equipped with a door in the receiving pocket to protect a user from dust
  • S.W. is being updated much simpler and in a more convenient way (by the cashier herself/himself, not by service engineers)

The device is ready for order. More detailed information and a short video are given here.