Multifunctional currency detector Magner VD-100 in Uzbekistan

The professional currency detector Magner VD-100 is essentially an expert complex. The model is designed and developed specifically for the needs of banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Currently, the device is available for sale only in Uzbekistan.
This currency detector is used to verify the authenticity of banknotes from all countries of the world and documents (passports, ID cards, certificates, diplomas and other secure paper products).

Unique qualities in comparison with analogues and noticeable advantages of Magner VD-100:

  • 100% image of the banknote being checked is displayed on a large 18 cm screen

  • Powerful UV and white light sources for error-free and fast cashier operation

  • The device has a wide range of modes, and each of them can be seen with a magnification of at least 15 times. The camera with magnification is built into the body and is included as standard (options for additional payment are not required)

  • All lights below the screen are displayed on the screen - this is a unique feature

  • Special P.O. allows you to make video and photo recording of the test results (as standard) - this is a unique property. Relevant for internal training and preparation of authentication reports

Full description are available on the product page.