Delivery of Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165) to all branches of "Asakabank"

In July 2021, "Asakabank" Joint Stock Company purchased banknote counters-sorters with two pockets Hitachi iH-110F (Magner 165F) for all 22 branches.

The bank has re-equipped the Billcon N-120N counters previously used at reception desks. Billcon N-120N is a banknote counter without checking banknotes for authenticity and without the ability to count the amount (the machines only count the number of banknotes). At the same time, it can withstand heavy loads.
Why Hitachi iH-110 (Magner 165)
"Before choosing the Hitachi iH-110F (Magner 165F), the bank tested the model in the Tashkent city branch for 8 months. On the one hand, there were many participants with alternative proposals, on the other hand, skeptical cashiers of the bank wanted to make sure of the reliability of the equipment during long-term operation.

During the testing process, what is called "in combat," counterfeit banknotes were identified at the cash register level and, at the same time, customer service was accelerated." - commented Marat Gatiyatov, who oversaw the testing of the model at "Asakabank".
About the bank: Joint Stock Company "Asakabank" was created on November 7, 1995. The banking network includes 22 branches, 15 banking service centers and 4 minibanks. Based on the results of the third quarter of 2021, it entered the top ten most profitable banks in the Republic.