SmarTec CY-6 is adapted for counting and sorting Uzbek coins

Together with the manufacturer, the SmarTec CY-6 coin counter-sorter has been successfully adapted to all denominations of Uzbek soums. The manufacturer has been specializing in equipment for processing metal cash since 2008. This model sorts denominations into trays, displays the quantity and total amount in sums on the color LCD display, and also sends foreign and out-of-circulation coins to a separate tray.

Distinctive features of the model:
  • High class for working with large and medium volume of coins
  • High sorting speed
  • High capacity loading tray (2000 coins)
  • 6 receiving trays for all sum denominations (50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 sum)
  • There is an additional tray for rejecting foreign coins and out-of-circulation sum coins (coins before 2018)

Short video review of SmarTec CY-6:

Video review of the coin counter-sorter for sums SmartTec CY-6

You can view all technical specifications and detailed descriptions here.