"Turonbank" purchased Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF)

From July to September 2020, JSCB "Turonbank" purchased Korean two-pocket counter-sorters Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF) for the cash registers of all bank branches. Previously, employees used BILLCON N-120A banknote counters from a Japanese manufacturer.
Cортировщик банкнот Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF) в Ташкенте, Узбекистане
Bill sorter Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF)
About the bank: JSCB "Turonbank" is one of the first commercial banks in the country (founded in November 1990). It has 20 branches in all regions of the Republic. For 2019, the credit rating for 2019 was assessed at the level of "uzA+" with a "Stable" forecast.