"Universalbank" successfully tested Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF)

The joint-stock commercial bank "Universalbank" tested two-pocket banknote counters with authentication and sorting capabilities Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF) at cash registers. Based on the results of a successful test, a decision was made to purchase this equipment as a replacement for Japanese banknote counters BILLCON N-120A.
Cортировщик банкнот Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF)​ в Ташкенте, Узбекистане
Bill counter Magner 175F (Hitachi ST-150 NF)
About the bank: JSCB "Universalbank" was founded in 2001. Has 7 branches. In 2020, it was recognized as the best digital bank in Uzbekistan according to the results of the British publication "Global Banking & Finance Awards".