"Trastbank" purchased two-pocket banknote counters of the Magner 2000 series

"Trastbank" purchased two-pocket banknote counters of the Magner 2000 series
In July, the private joint-stock bank "Trastbank" purchased Magner 2000 series two-pocket banknote counters with sorting function for the needs of its receiving and counting cash desks. The bank previously tested the model at the cash desks of its branch network. As a result, both models the Magner 2000F with fitness function and the Magner 2000V without fitness function were purchased.

These "Heavy-duty" class devices are made to process with multi-currencies, separate original banknotes from counterfeit ones, sort by denomination, year of issue and quality, identify bills taped together with different serial numbers, and also save the serial numbers of all counted banknotes.
Two-pocket banknote counter Magner 2000 V/F
Earlier it was reported that this new model was presented on the market of Uzbekistan.

About the bank: "Trastbank" PJSC was founded in Tashkent in 1994. Currently it includes over 110 banking service centers. At the end of 2023, it took the second place in the Rating for profitability and the first place in the Rating for capital adequacy among banks of Uzbekistan according to the Center for Economic Research and Reforms.